Be a Voice For Early Childhood


Seven Actions the Business Community Can Take to Advocate for Improved Early Child Development


  1. Advocate for parents to have a choice of providers. Whether early childhood programs are delivered by public, private, or nonprofit programs, communities should ensure that a variety of quality programs are available and affordable.
  2. Encourage high quality early learning and K–12 alignment. Encouraging better alignment between early learning programs and kindergarten will help children succeed as the enter elementary school and beyond.  
  3. Promote early learning policies as part of the economic development agenda. Early care and education is essential to a successful academic experience. Early care and education is also an essential service for all business sectors as it supports current workers and the future workforce.  
  4. Share your business expertise and organizational skills to support the business side of child care. Explore ways to assist networks of child care providers by pooling and streamlining back-office purchasing, payroll, attendance and billing functions.
  5. Lay the groundwork for systemic change. Building better information about the current status of early childhood lays the critical groundwork for developing longer-term strategies for increased access, affordability and sustainability of high quality child care.
  6. Initiate local innovation.  Collaborate with child care and community leadership to launch pilot, "proof of concept" models that investigate public-private partnerships and innovation.
  7. Join EPIC